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Addiction Intervention Certificate

Description of Program

The Online Graduate Certificate in Addiction Intervention is a 15-credit, online graduate program that will prepare non-clinical professionals (e.g. Public Health, Education, Psychology, Corrections, Law Enforcement, etc.) to act as professionally trained intermediaries between individuals seeking addiction services and professionals providing evidence-based practices in both prevention and treatment. Twelve credits will be given to students who enroll and complete the following courses:

  • Public Health Approaches to Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Substance Abuse Treatment in a Public Health Context
  • Introduction to Co-Occurring Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders
  • History of Public Health Approaches to Addiction Treatment and Recovery for Public Health
The remaining three credits will be awarded to students who take the capstone course, Introduction of Motivational Interviewing. Two certificates will be awarded upon completion of this program: (1) An Indiana University Certificate in Addiction Intervention (2) Board Certified Substance Use Consultant (BCSUD) from the Indiana Counselors Association for Drug Use and Alcohol (ICAADA).

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For more information about this certificate program:

you may also contact:
  • Dr. Jon Agley
    Department of Applied Health Science
    Prevention Insights
    School of Public Health Indiana University
    908 E. 9th St.
    Bloomington, IN 47404
    Phone: 812-855-3132

Students are encouraged to contact Dr. Agley before applying for admission to this program. Students will be notified of the admission decision by SPH Office of Graduate Admissions.

Certificate Requirements (15 cr.)

Students in the certificate program must be admitted to or currently enrolled at Indiana University. The certificate requires 15 credit hours of graduate course work with a minimum cumulative GPA in certificate courses of 3.0.

Complete the following courses (15 cr.):

  • SPH-H 664 Public Health Approaches to Substance Use Disorder Prevention for Adolescents and Young Adults (3 cr.) (fall)
  • SPH-H 665 Substance Use Disorder Treatment for Adolescents and Young Adults in the Context of Public Health (3 cr.) (spring)
  • SPH-H 670 Introduction to Co-Occurring Substance Use and Mental Health Disorders for Public Health Professionals (3 cr.) (summer)
  • SPH-H 667 History of Public Health Approaches to Substance Use Disorder Treatment and Recovery for Adolescents and Young Adults (3 cr.) (fall)
  • SPH-H 668 Motivational Interviewing (3 cr.) (fall, spring, summer)
Special Opportunities

The certificate is 15 credit hours, and includes a 3-credit motivational interviewing course. Students do not need to reside in Bloomington to complete any part of the certificate. All of the coursework is online.


In 2018, the combined Federal Drug Control budget request was $27.57 billion and 50% of that value is devoted to treatment and prevention. The Graduate Online Certificate in Addiction Intervention targets non-clinical graduate students and gives each person who enrolls in the program essential evidenced based tools with which he/she can effectively refer anyone using or affiliated with substance use to prevention and treatment programs that have proven effective. Building the U.S. workforce with information and skills for effective referral is the targeted outcome of the program. Any graduate student from any of the following disciplines, but not limited to, would benefit from the Certificate Program. The certificate is awarded by the Indiana Counselors Association for Drug Use and Alcohol (ICAADA). The certificate can lead to or enhance careers such as:

o Community Health Educator
o Disease Prevention Manager
o Health Promotion Specialist
o Intervention Designer
o Maternal and Child Health Specialist
o Obesity Prevention Coordinator
o Public Health Educator
o Public Health Program Manager
o Public Health Researcher
o Sexual Health Educator
o Technical Advisor for HIV/AIDS Programs
o Vaccine Advisor and Program Manager
o Youth Tobacco Prevention Coordinator
o Social Worker
o Law Enforcement
o Teacher
o Education Administrator
o Education Counselors
o School Nurses
o Nurse Educator
o Corrections Officer
o Criminal Justice
o Social Services professionals
o Public Health Policy professionals
o Lawyers
o Political Science

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