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Direct Admission for First-Year Students

As a Bloomington School of Public Health Direct Admit, you will bypass the admissions requirements current IU students must meet to be accepted into the program. This means you will start working with academic advisors and career coaches from the first day you arrive. Direct admission is only offered to first-year students who are entering in the fall semester. Students who matriculate in the spring semester, transfer students, and students not intending to major in a School of Public Health undergraduate degree are not eligible for direct admission.

Each year, qualified high school seniors are offered the opportunity to enter the School of Public Health based on their performance while in high school. To be eligible for Direct Admission for First-Year Students must:

  1. Be admitted, as a first-year student, to IU Bloomington for the Fall semester.
  2. List any School of Public Health major as the intended major on the IU Bloomington application.
  3. Meet additional academic standards, as listed on our website.

For additional information, please contact sphadmit@indiana.edu.

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