Higher Education and Student Affairs (U)

  • EDUC-U 205 Human Development Opportunities for College Students (1-3 cr.) Opportunities are given for students to understand their personal development, to learn and utilize human relations skills, to assess humanistic issues in both personal and societal terms, and to establish goals for the future. The study of human development will provide a framework for the examination of these issues. Variable title course. Graded S/F. May be repeated.
  • EDUC-U 206 Orientation to College Life (1-3 cr.) This course will focus on transition from high school to I.U.; or the experiences of retuning adult students; or transferring from other two or four year colleges to IU. Course limited to students with freshman or sophomore class standing, or those with instructor approval. Variable title course. Graded S/F. May be repeated.
  • EDUC-U 207 Leadership Training (1-3 cr.) This course will focus on leadership development and training. Topics may include theories of leadership, group dynamics, organizational theory, and other issues of interest to current or potential student leaders. Variable title course.
  • EDUC-U 208 Training for Paraprofessionals in Student Affairs (1-3 cr.) This course will focus on the development of specific skills for paraprofessional student staff such as resident advisors (RAs) and student orientation leaders. Topics may include theories of student development, leadership skills, crisis intervention, and confrontation skills, and information about appropriate University policies and resources. Variable title course. Graded S/F.
  • EDUC-U 209 Life Planning (1-3 cr.) Variable title course. Graded S/F.
  • EDUC-U 210 Survival Skills at IU (1-3 cr.) This course will focus on survival skills for new students. Topics may include strategies for building self-esteem, increasing assertiveness, managing time, goal setting, and other non-academic skills which can assist novice students. Variable title course. Graded S/F.
  • EDUC-U 211 Community Development (1-3 cr.) This topical seminar will focus on community development for students living in residence halls, Greek-letter housing units, living-learning groups, and other naturally occurring or self-selected living groups. Topics may include community building, conflict resolution, and group dynamics. Variable title course. Graded S/F.
  • EDUC-U 212 Current Issues in Undergraduate Life (1-3 cr.) This course is a topical seminar which will address issues of interest to new undergraduates. Topics may include student diversity and campus life, the role and status of college women, or college students and alcohol. Variable title course. Graded S/F. May be repeated.
  • EDUC-U 215 Foundations Undergraduate Success (3 cr.) The course will challenge students to critically think about themselves and their roles as learners at a research university; develop cognitive, study, and communication skills necessary for academic success as a college student; and, engage in personal, educational, and career exploration strategies leading to clear plans for success at Indiana University and beyond.
  • EDUC-U 300 Introduction to Higher Education Administration (3 cr.) This course will provide an introduction to the organization and policy that guides higher education. Multiple aspects of Higher Education are considered including the evolution of student affairs as a field, the impact of policy on college students, and the organizational structure of institutions.
  • EDUC-U 310 Students and Student Affairs (3 cr.) Given the focus of this course on the undergraduate student as a paraprofessional on campus, this course will focus on the role of undergraduate students in administration work on college campuses.
  • EDUC-U 320 Today's College Student (3 cr.) This course will explore the characteristics of today's college student. As a class we will interrogate the following question: Who are today's college students? In order to unpack this question further we will examine how the identities, demographics, and experiences of college students changed over time to create the "contemporary" college student. Additionally, we will seek to understand current trends in higher education and their implications on today's college student.
  • EDUC-U 330 Culture and Diversity in Higher Education (3 cr.) The identities, values and beliefs of college students has continued to change throughout the history of Higher Education. In order to serve all students on their campus, administrators in Higher Education must be sensitive to the changing needs of students. Understanding campus climate, diverse student identities, and the role of social justice in education, all influences a practitioner's ability to become culturally competent. This course covers discusses the role of culture in Higher Education and how practitioners can work to create inclusive practices.
  • EDUC-U 450 Foundation of Residential Leadership (1-2 cr.) Prepares undergraduate students with the foundational knowledge necessary to be engaged within the context of residential programs to advance the residential experience. Graded S/F.
  • EDUC-U 495 Seminar in Leadership Training (1-3 cr.) The theory and practice of group work, leadership techniques, communication, human relations, problem solving, and decision making. Cases emphasize the role of the student leader in the total university community. May be repeated.

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