Multicultural/Urban Education (T)

  • EDUC-T 300 Urban and Rural Problems (3 cr.) An introductory course with emphasis upon social problems encountered by minority groups and poor whites in depressed areas. The course will be directed by a community person and a university faculty member.
  • EDUC-T 422 Educational Experience in Multi-Cultural Living II (Field Practicum) (0-10 cr.) The student may serve as a paraprofessional in any community agency serving poor people. He will be away from the University for a semester working in an urban or rural community with blacks, whites, American Indians, Puerto Ticans, or Mexican-Americans. Direction and supervision will be given by University and community personnel.
  • EDUC-T 431 Human Development and Poverty I (3 cr.) Biological, sociological, and psychological factors of poverty that influence the development processes of young children are explored. Implications for education and remediation will be drawn. Field experience with children in home, school, and community settings with special emphasis on rural poverty and inner-city racial groups.
  • EDUC-T 450 Cultural/Community Forces and the Schools (3 cr.) P: Department consent. This course provides the student with an opportunity to analyze community forces and/or cultures by direct, residential participation in community-related activities so as to modify their instructional strategies within educational settings. Variable title course.

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