Educational Leadership and Policy Studies (H)

  • EDUC-H 200 Introduction to P-12 Education Policy (3 cr.) This introductory course examines the major issues and reform movements in public P-12 education policy today. The course will rely predominantly on a case study approach combined with group work, short lectures, and guest speakers representing leaders in the field of education in the State of Indiana. 
  • EDUC-H 205 Introduction to Educational Thought (3 cr.) P: ENG-W 131 or ENG-W 170 or CMLT-C 110 with minimum grade of C. This introduction to central ideas and Philosophies in the field of educational studies explores questions about the nature of education, its social aims, and the ideas and practices embodied by various approaches to education in order to provide a deeper understanding of what it means to be an educator.
  • EDUC-H 305 Education Across Time and Culture (3 cr.) Drawing on anthropology, history, and sociology, the course explores the ways that the purposes of education relate to their unique cultural conceptions and contexts, as well as to social challenges that societies have faced historically. Includes a broad survey of educational cultures. Course ends with an exploration of the most salient and pressing educational challenges facing societies across the globe.
  • EDUC-H 340 Education and American Culture (3 cr.) P: Must have at least a Sophomore standing. The present educational system, its social and future implications viewed in historical, sociological, and philosophical perspectives. Special attention is given to ethnic, minority, cultural, pluralistic, and legal dimensions of the educational system. May be repeated.
  • EDUC-H 341 American Culture and Education (1-4 cr.) An opportunity to participate in a cooperative learning venture, as students investigate the sociological, psychological, historical and philosophical foundations of American education, relating findings, observations and experiences at PDS sites with current practices and the future of education.
  • EDUC-H 350 Schooling Around the World (3 cr.) Introduces students to the rise of schooling as a historical phenomenon, compares different national and sub-national educational policies and schooling systems, examines educational globalization, and explores the varied purposes of school systems and their consequences for human learning and development.
  • EDUC-H 380 Latino Education across the Americas (3 cr.) An overview of important patterns and issues in Latino education. Includes study of major Latin American educational trends and traditions. Focus on the cultural contexts of Latino education, challenges faced by Latinos in contemporary U.S. schools, and strategies for improving Latino educational achievement.
  • EDUC-H 423 Historical Development of Modern Education (3 cr.) Educational theories and practices from primitive amn to the present and their influence on present-day movements and problems. Philosophical and sociological implications are emphasized.
  • EDUC-H 427 Education through Travel (2-6 cr.) Provides an opportunity to visit historical and cultural areas in foreign countries.
  • EDUC-H 440 Capstone Seminar: American Elementary Education (3 cr.) This course serves as a capstone seminar in foundations for senior elementary education students. It covers essential content knowledge, theory and themes in educational history, sociology, and philosophy. It also addresses key issues for understanding the professional world of teachers. It is linked to extensive field experience including student teaching.

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