Foundations of Education (F)

  • EDUC-F 100 Introduction to Teaching (1-2 cr.) The function of public education in society and of teaching as a profession. Study of the desired competencies in teaching; evaluation of one's own capabilities, interests, and abilities; and planing of one's professional career. Graded S/F. May be repeated.
  • EDUC-F 110 Windows on Education (1-3 cr.) First year seminar to support incoming freshmen interested in teaching as a career.  The course will facilitate students' efforts to navigate university life while making an informed decision regarding career choices.
  • EDUC-F 200 Examining Self as a Teacher (3 cr.) Designed to help a student make a career decision, better conceptualize the kind of teacher the student wishes to become, and reconcile any preliminary concerns that may be hampering a personal examination of self as teacher. Students will design a major portion of their work.
  • EDUC-F 201 Exploring the Personal Demands of Teaching: Lab Experience (2 cr.) First course in a two semester sequence examining the personal demands of teaching in an Interpersonal Process Laboratory. Particular emphasis is put on interpersonal communication skills (self-disclosure, active listening, questioning, observation). Graded S/F.
  • EDUC-F 202 Exploring the Personal Demands of Teaching: Field Experience (1 cr.) Expands the skills gained in F201 into a field experience (school classroom). Designed to assist students in career decision-making through a self-examination and discussions of the pre-service teacher's interactions, understanding, and communication with students in the classroom. Graded S/F.
  • EDUC-F 203 Topical Exploration in Education (1-3 cr.) Variable title course. Grades S/F. May be repeated.
  • EDUC-F 204 Seminar INSPIRE LLC (1-3 cr.) P: Must get approval from INSPIRE living learning center Director or Assistant Director The course is designed as a discussion-based seminar where students are guided to explore big, probing questions with education in mind, such as: What does it mean to be a learner and leader at this historical moment in the 21st century? What does it mean to be a part of a learning community? And, how can what I do as a university student help prepare me for a rewarding personal, professional, and public life? In addition to seminar discussions and special guest lectures and presentations from School of Education faculty, students will investigate these questions through a service-learning experience, small group self-directed inquiry projects, and field trips/excursions. May be repeated.
  • EDUC-F 205 Study of Education and the Practice of Teaching (1-3 cr.) P: ENG-W 131 or ENG-W 170 or CMLT-C 110 with minimum grade of C. A review of the literature on various approaches to education as a discipline and a field of inquiry, and an exploration of several approaches to teacher education. Integrates scholarship and inquiry with the development of educational possibilities. Students will begin the process of constructing a set of personal and social commitments that will guide their future teaching activities.
  • EDUC-F 350 Departmental Honors (1-3 cr.) Offered by a given department for its honor students. Course may be designated by a department to substitute for another of its courses. Variable title course. May be repeated.
  • EDUC-F 400 Honors Seminar (1-3 cr.) Content varies, but always involves the investigation in depth of significant topics in education. An interdisciplinary approach is taken. Variable title course. Graded S/F. May be repeated.
  • EDUC-F 401 Topical Exploration in Education (0-3 cr.) Explores various topics of relevance to education, both in the United States and abroad. Variable title course. Graded S/F. May be repeated.

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