Teacher Education Programs

The School of Education at Indiana University-Bloomington offers teacher education programs leading to Indiana teaching licenses in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Elementary/Exceptional Needs, and All-grades settings, as outlined below. The Secondary and All-grades programs require at least one major chosen from those outlined. All programs require 120 credits, except Elementary/Exceptional Needs (124+ credits).

Courses used to satisfy general education requirements also may be applied to fulfill requirements for a subject matter specialty study. In such cases, the course may be used to meet all requirements to which it will apply, but the credit hours may be counted only once toward the total of 120 credit hours needed for a degree.

Students who think they have the competence required for a content requirement course may contact the chairperson of the department offering the course. If the department chairperson agrees, the student will be permitted to take a credit examination. Students must submit a written appeal to the Academic Standards Committee with the chairperson’s recommendation for a waiver or substitution in the program.

Courses listed by number are either specifically required or are part of a group from which selections must be made to fill a specific requirement. See the appropriate school bulletins for course descriptions. 

Indiana University Bloomington offers the following programs.


  • Early Childhood Education: Pre-K, K-3
  • Elementary (Theory into Practice): K-6
  • Elementary/Exceptional Needs (Teaching All Learners): K-6 and Mild Intervention


  • Anchor Secondary Education: Middle/Junior High/High School
  • Community of Teachers (CoT): Middle/Junior High/High School

Secondary Content Fields

  • Exceptional Needs: Mild Intervention (CoT only) 
  • Health
  • Journalism
  • Language Arts/English
  • Mathematics
  • Science: Chemistry, Earth-Space Science, Life Science/Biology and Physics
  • Social Studies: Historical Perspectives

All-grades Programs 

  • Music Education
  • Physical Education
  • Visual Art
  • World Languages

Additional Licensing Specializations Available
(Additions can be added to primary license area) 

  • Computer Educator 
  • English as a Second Language 
  • Health (contact School of Public Health for program details)
  • Journalism 
  • Middle Grades Mathematics 
  • Physical Education (contact School of Public Health for program details)
  • Reading 
  • Theatre Secondary 

Academic Minors
(These minors do not lead to teacher certification.)

  • Counseling 
  • Education Policy (Offered by School of Public and Environmental Affairs)
  • Educational Studies  
  • International and Comparative Education 


  • Higher Education and Student Affairs 

Academic Bulletins