The School of Education

With a long-standing tradition of excellence, the School of Education offers pre-professional programs leading to the Bachelor of Science in Education and teacher licensure in the state of Indiana.

Indiana University has been training teachers since 1851 and began granting degrees in 1924. Today, Indiana University’s School of Education is one of the country’s most respected educational institutions for the preparation of teachers, administrators, and specialists in all areas of education. The School of Education has full equality with the other professional schools of the university and grants the degrees of Bachelor of Science in Education, Master of Science in Education, Specialist in Education, and Doctor of Education.

At the heart of the School’s tradition is outstanding teaching based on excellence in research. School faculty, who are at the forefront of their disciplines, teach at all levels of the curriculum, from freshman through senior courses. Although the content of courses has changed as knowledge has developed and licensing requirements have been modified, the School’s faculty has always sought to provide students with specialized knowledge in the field of education while meeting state standards for licensure.

The School of Education realizes the importance of creating and maintaining a teacher-preparation program that balances specialized knowledge with a broad liberal arts education and that affords each student an opportunity to learn both theoretical principles of education and practical teaching skills.

Accountability and improvement in teacher preparation are central to IU Bloomington’s mission. Graduates of all the teacher education programs are expected to demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions expected of beginning teachers, as set forth by the Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC) and as currently reflected in Indiana Department of Education and State Board of Education licensing regulations.

Individual and collective efforts in the School of Education at IU Bloomington continue to be focused on developing the best experiences for teacher candidates, and ultimately on improving the quality of education for P-12 pupils. We offer exemplary educational opportunities for prospective teachers to enhance the quality of educational experiences in classrooms throughout Indiana, the nation, and the world.

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