Second Bachelor's Degree

In certain cases, the associate dean for teacher education at Indiana University Bloomington may admit baccalaureate degree holders to candidacy for a second baccalaureate degree. When such admission is granted, candidates must earn 30 additional credit hours in residence and meet the requirements of the School of Education and of the department in which they are a candidate.

At Bloomington, appeals regarding criteria for admission, retention, and program requirements must be submitted to the Academic Standards Committee. Contact the Office of Teacher Education for information about how to submit an appeal.

Alternatives to Undergraduate Teacher Education Programs

This bulletin discusses only the undergraduate requirements for initial teacher certification and for the Bachelor of Science in Education degree. Students interested in graduate work in education should consult the Bulletin of the School of Education Graduate Program.

Program Options for Meeting Requirements
Students must meet requirements for graduation and certification, as stated in the Bulletin of the School of Education Undergraduate Program current at the time of initial enrollment or as set forth by subsequent bulletins/announcements to meet current state standards. Students may not, however, choose to meet requirements as stated in the bulletin for any year prior to enrollment. Neither may students elect to meet requirements from a combination of bulletins. Requirements from a single bulletin must be met for each of the program components.

Postbaccalaureate Certification Options
There are several graduate teacher certification options available through the Indiana University School of Education. Contact the Office of Teacher Education for further information.

Academic Bulletins

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