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School of Education Scholarships

The primary source for financial aid at Indiana University is the Office of Student Financial Assistance. Contact information for that organization is: (812) 855-0321 or RSVPOSFA [at] indiana [dot] edu. It is the clearinghouse for most financial aid resources on campus including grants, loans, and work-study packages. Information about the available programs is primarily presented through the Office of Admissions at iuadmit [at] indiana [dot] edu. Additional information about financial aid availability and applications can be accessed through the IU Web pages at

There are a variety of sources for financial aid for targeted audiences in identified shortage areas in the field of education. The Minority Teacher and Special Education Services scholarships are provided by the State Student Assistance Commission of Indiana. The Web site for information on these programs is available at

The School of Education manages a variety of scholarships as part of its endowment. Typically, these funds are limited to students admitted to specific departments or fields in education. Students are encouraged to apply to the School of Education Office of Teacher Education at: between December 15 and February 1 for awards applied to the following academic year. Applicants will be considered for all scholarship categories they are qualified for by the School of Education.

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