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West European Studies

Minor in West European Studies

The minor requires 15 credit hours of coursework, including

1. Two of the following Foundation course options:

  • WEUR-W 301 or POLS-Y 335 West European Politics (3 cr.)
  • WEUR-W 405 or POLS-Y 350 Politics of the European Union (3 cr.)
  • WEUR-W 405 or GEOG-G 428 Geography of Europe (3 cr.)
  • WEUR-W 405 or HIST-B 303 Issues in Modern European History (3 cr.)

2. Two courses (6 credit hours), such as WEUR-W 405 or WEUR-W 406, with a regional focus on the same sub-region of Europe. One course must be an approved CASE S&H course; the other must be an approved CASE A&H course. The regional focus should be consistent with the language chosen  to meet the language requirement (see number 4).

3. WEUR-W 475 Capstone in West European Studies (3 cr.).

4. Six semesters (or equivalent proficiency) in an approved European language. Language courses do not count toward the required 15 credit hours for the minor.

A list of current cross-listed courses is available through the West European Studies advisor.