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West European Studies

Minor in European Union Studies

The European Union now spans from Western Europe to the Baltic Region, Eastern and Central Europe, and to Cyprus. The new Europe manifests itself in different ways—through integrated economic markets, Europe-wide elections, evolving political institutions, and emerging European identity. The European Union minor seeks to address these issues by equipping students with the analytical tools to deal with the "making of the European Union."

Students take one core course in each of three areas and 9 elective credits selected in consultation with the advisor, along with a language, to complete the minor. Students must meet with the West European studies academic advisor to apply for acceptance.

Required Courses

Eighteen credit hours of course work to be distributed as follows, plus a language requirement. At least 9 credit hours must be at the 300 or 400 level.

1. Students must take one course from each of the three areas of concentration (Politics/Public Policy, Economics/Business, and Culture/Identity):

Politics/Public Policy

  • POLS-Y 351/WEUR-W 304 Model European Union (3 cr.)
  • POLS-Y 350 European Integration/WEUR-W 405 Special Topics in West European Studies Topic: Politics of the European Union (3 cr.)
  • POLS-Y 335 Western European Politics/ WEUR-W 301 Modern European Politics and Society (3 cr.)


  • BUS-G 494 Public Policy and the International Economy (3 cr.)
  • ECON-E 390 Undergraduate Seminar Topic: Economics of European Integration (3 cr.)


  • GEOG-G 428/WEUR-W 405 Special Topics in West European Studies Topic: Geography of Europe (3 cr.)
  • WEUR-W 405 Special Topics in West European Studies Topic: The Idea of Europe (3 cr.)
  • GER-G 394/WEUR-W 406 Special Topics in West European Studies Topic: The Idea of Europe: Order and Identity (3 cr.)

2. Students take another 9 elective credit hours. The elective requirement can be met in two ways:

  • Taking additional courses from core courses; or
  • Taking courses selected from the numerous course offerings listed by West European Studies, the Russian and East European Institute, and Central Eurasian Studies. If the elective requirement is filled with two or more area studies courses, one elective must be related to Eastern/Central Europe and one to Western Europe.

3. Students are required to complete two years of study of one of the languages of the European Union member countries other than their native language.

Note that students must complete a minimum of 15 credit hours in College of Arts and Sciences courses within the 18 credit hours for the minor.