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Theatre and Drama

Minor in Theatre and Drama

Students must complete a minimum of 18 credit hours in theatre and drama, including:

1. T100 and T101

2. A minimum of one course in each of these three areas:

  • Acting and directing: T120
  • Design and technology: T125, T230, T326, or T335
  • Theatre history and dramatic literature: T370, T371, T460, T461, T462, or T468

3. One additional course in one of the four areas of concentration listed in the major. Students are advised to take the courses in the minor in a building progression (i.e., T100 or T120 should be taken early in the progression of study).

Students are advised to plan their minor program of study in consultation with both their major and minor advisors.

The following is a list of courses recommended for theatre and drama minors:

  1. Acting: T220, T319
  2. Directing: T340
  3. Movement: T410
  4. Playwriting: T453, T454, T458
  5. Stagecraft: T125, T425, T435
  6. Scene design: T326, T426
  7. Costuming: T230, T430
  8. Lighting: T335, T438
  9. Sound design: T347, T447
  10. Stage management: T229; T329 or T428
  11. Dramatic literature: T460, T461, T462, T468
  12. Theatre history: T370, T371
  13. Voice and speech: T325