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Russian and East European Institute

Minors in Russian and East European Studies

The minors indicate that students have achieved special competence in the Russian and East European area, successfully completing interdisciplinary area course work. Two minors, described below, are available. The first minor requires Breadth of Inquiry courses in three disciplinary groupings. The second minor, in addition to area courses, includes a language certificate. The second minor is particularly useful to those who are planning to undertake graduate study in the Russian or East European field. The minors are awarded to those who earn the bachelor's degree and complete the requirements below.

Academic Standing

Students must have a minimum grade point average of 3.000 (B) or the permission of the director to enter either undergraduate minor program.

Applications are available from the Russian and East European Institute (REEI) in Ballantine Hall 561.

Minor in Russian and East European Studies

Required Courses

Students must complete 15 credit hours, selected in consultation with the REEI advisor, with a minimum average grade of B in area-related courses, including a minimum of 3 credit hours each from the history, social sciences, and literature/culture Breadth of Inquiry groups listed below. Institute courses R302 and R303 can be used to meet the requirement for any of the Breadth of Inquiry groups. 9 of these credit hours must be at the 300 level or above. Courses taken to satisfy the REEI minor requirements may also be used to meet the College Breadth of Inquiry requirements.

Minor in Russian and East European Studies with Language Certification

Required Courses

Same course requirements as above; in addition, students must complete 6 credit hours beyond the first-year level (with at least a grade of B) of any one of the following languages: Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Czech, Estonian, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Yiddish, or another area language. Students may be exempted from the 6 credit hour requirement by demonstrating equivalent language knowledge with the approval of the REEI advisor.