Departments & Programs

Political Science

Interdepartmental Major in Political Science and Philosophy
Required Courses

Students must take a minimum of 42 credit hours, with a minimum of 18 credit hours in each department. Students must also complete the degree requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Political Science

1. At least 18 credit hours, with no more than two 100-level courses counting toward the minimum.

2. At least one 300- or 400-level course in each of the following areas:

  • American Politics (Y301–Y320, Y324–Y326, Y349, Y373, Y394).
  • Comparative Politics or International Relations (Y332–Y348, Y350–Y372, Y374–Y376, Y407).

3. At least two 300- or 400-level courses in political theory (Y379, Y381–Y388, Y406).

4. Y490 Senior Seminar in Political Science.


1. At least 18 credit hours, with no more than one 100-level course counting toward the minimum and with at least 12 credit hours at or above the 300 level.

2. At least one course above the 100 level in each of the following three areas:

  • Ethics and value theory
  • History of philosophy
  • Epistemology and metaphysics

3. One of the following logic courses: P150 or P250.