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Political and Civic Engagement

Certificate in Political and Civic Engagement
Required Courses

Students must complete at least 25 credit hours in the program. Requirements include two core courses, four electives, a mentored internship experience, at least one other experiential learning activity, and a capstone seminar. A minimum grade of C– is required for courses to count in the certificate.

  1. Core Courses (6 credit hours) These courses are restricted to first- and second-year students.
    • PACE-C 210 Public Leadership
    • PACE-C 211 Making Public Decisions
  2. Electives (12 credit hours) At least 6 credit hours must be at the 300–400 level. No more than 6 credit hours may be taken from one department (for instance, “POLS” or “CMCL” or “SPEA”). See the current list on the Web site and contact the program for approved offerings. The 12 credit hours must be completed before taking the capstone course.
  3. Issues Forum (1 credit hour) Must be completed before taking the capstone course.
  4. Internship (at least 3 credit hours).
  5. Capstone seminar (3 credit hours) will be taken in the senior year, after all other requirements for the certificate have been completed.