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Major in Physics—B.S.
Required Courses

Students must complete the following requirements:

  1. Writing, same as B.A. degree (English Composition and Intensive Writing).
  2. Mathematics, major fulfills requirement.
  3. Foreign language, 3 credit hours at or above the second-year level (or equivalent proficiency) in one language. French, German, or Russian is recommended for students who wish to pursue a graduate degree.
  4. Arts and humanities, two courses for 6 credit hours minimum.
  5. Social and historical studies, two courses for 6 credit hours minimum.
  6. Natural and mathematical sciences: major fulfills requirement.
  7. One Critical Approaches to the Arts and Sciences course.

Culture courses are not required, but two courses are recommended as electives or to satisfy the Breadth of Inquiry requirement.

Students must also complete the major requirements for Program I or Program II .