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Minor in Philosophy of the Arts
Required Courses

Students must complete a minimum of 15 credit hours of coursework, including:

1. One of the following logic courses: P150, P250, or P251.

2. Two courses chosen from P320, P347, P348.

3. Two courses chosen from P201, P304, P346.


1. 9 credit hours must be taken on the Bloomington campus.

2. At least 6 credit hours must be at the 300–400 level.

3. With pre-approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies, students may replace one of the non-logic courses with an appropriate aesthetics-related course from another department or school. Such courses may include but are not limited to MUS -Z 415, MUS-T 418, SPEA-A 459, or CMLT-C 347. See the Director of Undergraduate Studies for a comprehensive list of suggested courses.