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Medieval Studies

Course Descriptions
  • MEST-M 200 Medieval Cultures (3 cr.) CASE A&H, CASE GCC Introduction to medieval cultures and life. May be repeated once with a different topic for a maximum of 6 credit hours.
  • MEST-M 250 Medieval Italy (3 cr.) CASE A&H, CASE GCC The cultural, political and artistic formation of Italy from third-century Rome to fourteenth-century Florence. Examines the role of family ties, the state, political party, and the church, as well as the effects of financial interests, class, language, education, and gender in the formation of identity from Milan and Venice to Arabic and Norman Sicily.
  • MEST-M 260 Medieval Provence (3 cr.) CASE A&H, CASE GCC The historical, cultural, and linguistic traditions of medieval Provence from the dissolution of the Roman Empire through the sixteenth century and the effects of this culture on medieval and Renaissance Italy and Spain.
  • MEST-M 390 Studies in Medieval Culture (3-4 cr.) CASE GCC Examination and evaluation of various aspects, periods, and manifestations of medieval civilization. Study will be interdisciplinary, focusing on such subjects as Jews, Muslims, and Christians in the Middle Ages; the Carolingian Renaissance; multicultural Provence and its diaspora. May be repeated with a different topic for a maximum of 8 credit hours.
  • MEST-M 490 Topics in Medieval Studies (2-4 cr.) Exploration of a medieval topic, such as social history through literary texts, written and visual texts, centers of Western medieval culture, critical trends in medieval studies. Readings in English. May be repeated with a different topic for a maximum of 8 credit hours.