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Major in Mathematics—B.A.
Required Courses

Majors must complete the following:

1. M211–M212, M211–M213, or M211–S212.

2. M301 or M303, and M311.

3. Five additional courses representing at least two of the eight areas of mathematics listed below. Of these, two courses must be 400-level "M" courses. If courses are chosen from only two areas, the two 400-level "M" courses must occupy distinct areas:

  • Algebra and Number Theory: M353, M403, M404, M405, M409, M453
  • Analysis: M312, M413, M414, M415
  • Applied Mathematics: M348, M371, M447, M448, M451, M471, M472
  • Differential Equations: M343, M344, M441, M442
  • Geometry and Topology: M321, M420, M435
  • Logic: M391, M482
  • Mathematics Education and History: T336, M380, T403
  • Probability and Statistics: M360, M365, M463, M464, M466

For any mathematics course not listed above, the department will determine whether it will count toward the conditions in number 3.

At most, one course from mathematics education and history may count toward the five required courses.

With approval of the Department of Mathematics, one course outside of mathematics that has significant mathematical content may count toward the five required courses as long as conditions in number 3 are still satisfied. Computer Science C211 or A201 is recommended.


In addition to studying mathematics courses, all majors are strongly encouraged to study in depth another discipline that uses mathematics.

Majors are also strongly encouraged to take a computer programming course.

Majors interested in professional work or graduate study should take additional mathematics courses at the 300 and 400 levels.