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Minor in African Languages
Required Courses

Students must complete the following:

1. Minimum of 13 credit hours in one of the following language tracks:

  • Akan: K102, K201, K202, K301
  • Bamana: B102, B201, B202, B301
  • Swahili: S102, S201, S202, S301
  • Wolof: X102, X201, X202, X301
  • Zulu: Z102, Z201, Z202, Z301

2. Minimum of 3 credit hours in either L480 or L481.

Note: First-semester language courses do not count in the minor. Most students will need to complete 20 credit hours to satisfy all minor requirements in order to complete the prerequisite first semester of the relevant African language as well as the courses required for the minor.