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Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Certificate in Latin American and Caribbean Studies

The certificate is awarded upon graduation to students who have demonstrated knowledge of Latin America beyond the level of a normal minor in accord with the requirements listed below. (Students may elect to complete the minor or the certificate but not both.) Curriculum planning should be done in consultation with the undergraduate advisor for Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

Academic Standing

For entrance into the certificate program, a student shall have at least a B– average or the permission of the director. In order to receive the certificate, the student shall achieve at least a B average in the courses taken to complete these requirements.

Language Requirements

Students may choose either Spanish or Portuguese and must take at least two courses (6 credit hours minimum) taught in the language beyond the College foreign language requirement. These credit hours may include advanced courses in conversation, composition, literature, or culture, taught in the language. Oral proficiency in the language shall be demonstrated by the student to the satisfaction of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese or its delegate. Any language course that appears on the list below may be counted toward the certificate requirements.

Required Courses

Students must complete the following:

  1. A total of 24 credit hours in course work related to the Latin American and Caribbean region. At least 6 of the 24 credit hours must be at the 300–400 level.
  2. At least one semester of a Latin American and Caribbean Studies seminar and the L210-L211 sequence must be part of the total. If no relevant seminar is offered during an academic year, an approved readings course may be substituted.

A maximum of 6 credit hours in a student's major may be credited toward the Certificate in Latin American and Caribbean Studies.