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International Studies Program

Minor in International Studies

Students should develop their minor in consultation with the International Studies Program academic advisor and their departmental advisors in their majors.

Required Courses

The minor comprises at least 15 credit hours of College of Arts and Sciences course work including the following:

1. I100 (3 cr.).

2. Two introductory level International Studies courses from the following thematic concentrations (6 credit hours):

  • Culture and the Arts
  • Global Health and Environment
  • Global Integration and Development
  • Human Rights and Social Movements
  • International Communication
  • Nations, States, and Boundaries

3. Students must choose one thematic concentration in which they wish to focus and must take the international studies introductory-level course for that particular thematic concentration. Additionally, students must take a minimum of two elective courses (6 credit hours) from the thematic concentration that they chose. These elective courses must be at the 300–400 level.

4. If students choose course work outside the College in partial fulfillment of their concentrations, they will need to take additional College of Arts and Sciences course work in the concentration to bring the minimum total of College of Arts and Sciences hours in the minor to 15.