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International Studies Program

Course Descriptions
  • INTL-I 100 Introduction to International Studies (3 cr.) CASE S&H This introductory, interdisciplinary core course exposes students to the various academic approaches essential to international studies and to the various tracks that comprise the major.
  • INTL-I 115 Exploring International Studies (3 cr.) Offered in conjunction with the “International Studies Summer Institute,” this course examines a wide range of international issues including global environmental change, international economics, populations-at-risk, and conflict resolution through the overall theme of globalization. The objective is to develop critical skills through analysis of current international issues.
  • INTL-I 201 Culture and the Arts: International Perspectives (3 cr.) CASE A&H Introduction to approaches and issues in the study of culture and the arts internationally. Central to the course is the theoretical concept of the arts as forms of cultural expression, representation, and transformation.
  • INTL-I 202 Health, Environment, and Development (3 cr.) CASE S&H Introduces students to pressing environmental and health changes around the world, such as deforestation, global climate change, HIV/AIDS, and the resurgence of tuberculosis. Focuses on problems that are interrelated with each other and with economic development, that cross national borders in their causes or impacts, and that require a multinational or global effort to solve.
  • INTL-I 203 Global Integration and Development (3 cr.) CASE S&H Focuses on the interaction between social, political, and economic forces and human development conditions at global, national, and subnational scales; introduces major theoretical perspectives on the structure, function, and governance of markets, as well as a substantial part of the literature on economic development.
  • INTL-I 204 Human Rights and Social Movements: International Perspectives (3 cr.) CASE S&H Introduction to basic issues relating to human rights and social movements, emphasizing the differing ways that these topics are addressed in various disciplines and thought about within various global cultures.
  • INTL-I 205 International Communication (3 cr.) CASE S&H Examination of global communication as a process governed by culture-specific and institution-specific rules. Semiotic aspects of meditation are covered as well as nation and state mediation in mass communication (including the setting of policy on language and arts) and the role played by intent, power, gender, and politics in inter-ethnic and intra-ethnic interaction.
  • INTL-I 206 Nations, States, and Boundaries (3 cr.) CASE S&H Introduction to the development of the modern state and notions of nationalism that shape the world’s political identities, dominate international relations, and also define stateless people’s positions, as well as the role of international institutions in mediating and regulating relations among the states.
  • INTL-I 300 Topics in International Studies (3 cr.) This course focuses on the intensive study and analysis of selected international problems and issues within an interdisciplinary format. Topics will vary but will cut across fields, regions, and periods. Course may be repeated once with a different topic for a maximum of 6 credit hours.
  • INTL-I 315 Methods in International Studies (3 cr.) Introduction to quantitative and qualitative methods used in research in international studies.
  • INTL-I 325 International Issues through Foreign Languages (1 cr.) This seminar will examine an international issue through a foreign perspective. Course readings and discussions will be conducted in a foreign language at an advanced level.  The seminar's objective is to expose participants to global problems utilizing no-U.S. sources.
  • INTL-I 400 International Studies Capstone Seminar (3 cr.) This required seminar is designed for majors who have completed all of the program requirements to consolidate their studies. Students complete a project that addresses an issue appropriate to their track.
  • INTL-I 405 Honors Individual Readings in International Studies (3 cr.) P: Application and approval of program director. Students pursuing departmental honors conduct research in preparation for their honors capstone seminar. May not be repeated for credit.
  • INTL-I 406 Honors International Studies Capstone Seminar (3 cr.) P: Application and approval of program director. Required for departmental honors credit, this seminar is designed to consolidate the studies of honors-track majors who have completed all program requirements. Students must complete a project that addresses an issue appropriate to their track.
  • INTL-I 415 Individual Readings in International Studies (1–3 cr.) P: Major or minor in International Studies and permission of department. Students conduct individual research projects on an international issue under the direction of a faculty member. Student and instructor should develop a project and submit a “contract” to the director for approval. May repeat I415 or take any combination of I415 and I405 for a maximum of 6 credit hours.
  • INTL-I 430 Research in International Studies (1–3 cr.) P: Major or minor in International Studies and permission of department. Overseas faculty-directed research in international studies.
  • INTL-I 498 Internship in International Studies (1–3 cr.) P: Approval of the director of International Studies. Provides students with an opportunity to receive academic credit for a part-time or full-time internship experience within the U.S. or overseas. Allows students to apply the knowledge gained through course work in International Studies to the work world, thereby developing additional knowledge and skills and exposing them to professional career options. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credit hours.