Departments & Programs

Human Biology

  • Professor Andrea S. Wiley (Anthropology)
Assistant Director
  • Phillip L. Quirk
Distinguished Professors
  • Ellen D. Ketterson (Biology)
  • Michael J. Wade (Biology)
Chancellors Professors
  • Robert J. Meier (Emeritus, Anthropology)
  • Bernice A. Pescosolido (Sociology)
Arnold and Maxine Tanis Chair of History and Philosophy of Science
  • Elisabeth A. Lloyd (History and Philosophy of Science, Biology)
  • Mark W. Braun (Medical Sciences)
  • Gerhard Glomm (Economics)
  • Kevin D. Hunt (Anthropology)
  • Jane D. McLeod (Sociology)
  • Olaf Sporns (Psychological and Brain Sciences)
  • Virginia J. Vitzthum (Anthropology)
  • Andrea S. Wiley (Anthropology)
Associate Professors
  • Erik P. Bucy (Telecommunications)
  • James H. Capshew (History and Philosophy of Science)
  • Vivian Nun Halloran (American Studies, English)
  • Richard W. Hardy (Biology)
  • Frederika A. Kaestle (Anthropology)
  • Joseph A. Near (Medical Sciences)
  • Valerie O'Loughlin (Medical Sciences)
  • Sarah D. Phillips (Anthropology)
  • Heather L. Reynolds (Biology)
  • Marla R. Sandys (Criminal Justice)
  • Whitney M. Schlegel (Biology)
  • Lisa H. Sideris (Religious Studies)
Assistant Professors
  • Tarez S. Graban (English)
  • Colin R. Johnson (Gender Studies)
  • Amy K. Berndtson (Biology)
  • Pamela L. Hanratty (Biology)
  • Phillip L. Quirk (Human Biology)
Professors Emeriti
  • Robert J. Meier (Anthropology)
  • Craig E. Nelson (Biology)
Center and Institute Faculty
  • Kenneth D. Pimple (Poynter Center for the Study of Ethics and American Institutions)
Academic Advising
  • Andy J. Ruff, Sycamore Hall 041, (812) 855-0241