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Human Biology

Course Descriptions
  • HUBI-B 200 The Intricate Human (4 cr.) CASE N&M Interdisciplinary study of the human organism including genetics, metabolism and other aspects of physiology, behavior, culture, and environmental context. Case-based approaches to specific content will reflect faculty expertise, student interests, and current issues in human biology. Emphasis is placed on developing scientific literacy and implementing the scientific method. Credit given for only one of B200 or B101.
  • HUBI-B 300 Human Dilemmas (4 cr.) CASE N&M P: B200 or B101. Social and ethical consideration of the human condition and of the construction of scientific knowledge through case-based investigation of biological processes integrating multiple disciplinary perspectives. Emphasis is placed on logical interpretation of data and on effective communication of evidence and claims. Specific content will reflect faculty expertise. Credit given for only one of B300 or B201.
  • HUBI-B 350 Topics in Human Biology (1–3 cr.) P: HUBI-B 200. Analysis of selected topics, problems, or methods in human biology, with emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches. Content will vary by instructor.  May be repeated with a different topic for a maximum of 6 credit hours.
  • HUBI-B 400 Complex Problems of Humanity (3 cr.) CASE N&M P: B300 or B201. Capstone experience focusing on the interface of science and society. Students critically analyze real-world contemporary challenges that impact the human condition. Topics vary based on faculty expertise and student interest. Emphasis is on student research or service learning, communicating science, peer review, and making scientifically-informed arguments. Credit given for only one of B400 or B401.
  • HUBI-B 460 Peer Instruction in Human Biology (3 cr.) P: Requires application. Contact course instructor(s). Supervised teaching and mentoring experience in an undergraduate Human Biology course. May be repeated with a different Human Biology course for a maximum of 6 credit hours.
  • HUBI-B 480 Human Biology E-portfolio Capstone (1 cr.) In this capstone course, students will create an electronic portfolio to document and reflect on their academic course work and extracurricular activities and relate their work to their future studies or careers. Required for students who have applied for the Certificate in Human Biology.
  • HUBI-B 490 Undergraduate Research in Human Biology (1–12 cr.) P: Minimum overall GPA of 2.500, and written permission of supervising faculty member. Introduction to research methods and scientific investigation in a student’s area of concentration. A student is required to complete a written assignment and present an oral report as evidence of each semester's work.