Departments & Programs

Comparative Literature

  • Bill Johnston
Distinguished Professor
  • Douglas Hofstadter (Cognitive Science, Computer Science)
Martha C. Kraft Professor of Humanities
  • Fedwa Malti-Douglas (Gender Studies)
Chancellor's Professor
  • Anya Royce (Anthropology)
  • David Hertz (American Studies)
  • Eileen Julien (French and Italian)
  • Herb Marks (English, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, Religious Studies)
  • Rosemarie McGerr (Medieval Studies)
  • Bert Breon Mitchell (Director of Lilly Library)
Associate Professors
  • Akinwumi Adesokan
  • Bill Johnston
  • Paul Losensky (Central Eurasian Studies, Near Eastern Languages and Cultures)
  • Angela Pao (Asian American Studies)
  • Eyal Peretz
Assistant Professors
  • Jacob Emery (Slavic Languages and Literatures)
  • Kevin Tsai
  • Sarah Van der Laan
Adjunct Professors
  • Maryellen Bieder (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Fritz Breithaupt (Germanic Studies)
  • J. Peter Burkholder (Jacobs School of Music)
  • Dov-Ber Kerler (Germanic Studies, Jewish Studies)
  • Barbara Klinger (Communication and Culture)
  • Eleanor W. Leach (Classical Studies)
  • Eric MacPhail (French and Italian)
  • William Rasch (Germanic Studies)
  • Jack Rollins (Hutton Honors College)
  • Darlene Sadlier (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Suzanne Stetkevych (Ruth N. Halls Professor of Near Eastern Languages and Cultures)
  • H. Wayne Storey (French and Italian, Medieval Studies)
  • Marc Weiner (Germanic Studies)
Adjunct Associate Professors
  • Purnima Bose (English)
  • Michel Chaouli (Germanic Studies)
  • Deborah Cohn (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Patrick Dove (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Joan Hawkins (Communication and Culture)
  • Rebecca Manring (India Studies, Religious Studies)
  • Edith Sarra (East Asian Languages and Cultures)
Adjunct Assistant Professors
  • Johannes Türk (Germanic Studies)
Professors Emeriti
  • Salih Altoma (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures)
  • Willis Barnstone (Distinguished Professor, Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Luis Beltrán (Spanish and Portuguese)
  • Ernest Bernhardt-Kabisch (English)
  • Peter Boerner (Germanic Studies)
  • Peter Bondanella (Distinguished Professor, French and Italian, West European Studies)
  • Gilbert Chaitin (French and Italian)
  • Claus Clüver
  • Bruce Cole (Distinguished Professor, Fine Arts)
  • Eugene Eoyang (East Asian Languages and Cultures)
  • Harry Geduld (West European Studies)
  • Kenneth R. R. Gros Louis (English)
  • Roger Herzel (Theatre and Drama)
  • Ingeborg Hoesterey (Germanic Studies)
  • Yoshio Iwamoto (East Asian Languages and Cultures)
  • Sumie Jones (East Asian Languages and Cultures)
  • Oscar Kenshur (English, Philosophy)
  • Gerald Larson (Religious Studies, India Studies)
  • Merritt Lawlis (English)
  • Rosemary Lloyd (Rudy Professor, French and Italian)
  • Giancarlo Maiorino (Rudy Professor)
  • James Naremore (Chancellor's Professor, Communication and Culture)
  • Mihály Szegedy-Maszák (Central Eurasian Studies)
  • Ulrich Weisstein (Germanic Studies)
  • Carl Ziegler (Germanic Studies)
Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • Kevin Tsai
Undergraduate Advisor
  • Nathan Herndershott, Ballantine Hall 437; (812) 855-6263