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Cognitive Science

Major in Cognitive Science—B.A.
Required Courses

In addition to the degree requirements for the B.A. degree in the College of Arts and Sciences, including the requirement for a minimum of 25 College of Arts and Sciences credit hours in the major subject area, students must complete the following:

1. CORE: The five-course sequence: Q240, Q250, Q260, Q270, and Q320. Q260 and Q320 are first- and second-8-week courses, respectively, and are normally scheduled so that they may be taken consecutively during the same semester. Cognitive science majors who earn a grade of B or higher in CSCI-C 211 or equivalent are exempt from Q260.

2. CONCENTRATION: Three courses in one of the following areas: cognition, computation, foundations, informatics, language, logic, and neuroscience. Of these three courses, at least two must be at or above the 200 level, and at least one at or above the 300 level.

The following courses are preapproved for the seven concentrations:

  • Cognition: COGS Q301; PSY P325, P329, P330, P335, P350, P424, P435, P438, P440, P441, P443; SPHS S307.
  • Computation: COGS Q351, Q360; CSCI A321, C211, C212, C241, C311, C335, C343, B351 (or their honors equivalents)
  • Foundations: PHIL P310, P312, P320, P360, P366
  • Informatics: INFO I210 (or CSCI A201), I211 (or CSCI A202 or C212), I300, I320; CSCI A346
  • Language: LING L303, L306, L307, L308, L310, L325, L430, L490; PSY P438, P441; SPHS S201, S290, S302, S307, S319, S333, S378, S420, S436
  • Logic: PHIL P250, P251, P350, P352; MATH M384, M385; CSCI B401, P415
  • Neuroscience: COGS Q301; PHYS P317; PSY P326, P337, P346, P407, P410, P411, P423, P426, P441

In addition to these preapproved concentrations, other specialized concentrations may be designed by individual students and submitted for approval to the cognitive science undergraduate curriculum committee.

3. BREADTH: Three ADDITIONAL courses from at least two different departments, outside of the concentration area. For a list of such courses, please see the section of this Bulletin entitled "Courses Related to Cognitive Science," which can be found under "Cognitive Science." The cognitive science undergraduate curriculum committee must approve courses not on the list on an individual basis.

4. SENIOR SEMINAR: Students must complete COGS Q400 Senior Seminar in the Cognitive and Information Sciences.