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Special B.S. for Three-Year Premedical/Predental/Preoptometry Students

This program is designed for students admitted to the Indiana University Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, or Optometry after three years at Indiana University Bloomington. Students who have completed requirements for this major; the Foundations, Intensive Writing, Foreign Language, and Breadth of Inquiry requirements for the standard B.S. in Biology; and at least 90 credit hours in courses offered by the College of Arts and Sciences may apply 8 credit hours of their first-year professional courses toward their major and 24 credit hours of their first-year professional courses as elective credit. Students who have been accepted to medical and dental schools other than Indiana University's must have special permission from the dean of the College of Arts and Sciences to apply for this degree.

Major Requirements

Students must complete the following with a C– or higher:

  1. L111, L112, L211, L311, and L318; a total of three associated labs, which must be taken on the Bloomington campus.
  2. Chemistry C117, C341, C342, C343, and N330.
  3. Physics P201-P202 or P221-P222.
  4. Mathematics M211 or M215 (or M119 and M120).
  5. One of the following statistics courses: Mathematics K310, Psychological and Brain Sciences K300 or K310, Liberal Arts and Management Program L316, Statistics S300, or SPEA-K 300. (Note that although SPEA-K 300 fulfills the statistics requirement, it does not count toward College of Arts and Sciences credit hours if the total hours allowed outside the College have been met.)
Students choosing this option should consult with the academic advisors in Jordan Hall A115 and the Premedical/Predental/Preoptometry advisor in the Health Professions Office.