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B.S. in Biotechnology/J.D. 3+3 Program
Required Courses

Students who are admitted to the IU Bloomington Maurer School of Law after completing a minimum of 90 credit hours in the College of Arts and Sciences, and who have satisfied the Foundations, Intensive Writing, Foreign Language, Breadth of Inquiry, and major concentration requirements for the B.S. in Biotechnology degree program, may apply up to 32 credit hours earned their first year in the law school as electives and, at the end of that year (with a minimum of 122 credit hours), earn the B.S. in Biotechnology degree.

Note: Students who need to satisfy the Foundations, Intensive Writing, and Foreign Language requirements through coursework will need approximately 106 credit hours to complete all of the requirements listed in the statement above. Students who bring to college study a proficiency in foreign language and completion of the English Composition requirement may be able to satisfy all requirements with 92 credits. Students who bring other competencies that would result in prerequisites being waived might be able to complete these requirements with fewer than 90 credits. In all cases, however, a student must have completed a minimum of 90 credit hours in the College (including electives if necessary) and all requirements listed above to be eligible for this special arrangement.