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Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design

Interior Design—B.S.

This curriculum emphasizes the relationships between the aesthetic, behavioral, and technological concerns in the creation of responsive interior environments. Career opportunities are available in commercial and residential interior design firms, architectural firms, facilities management, retail furniture establishments, government and community agencies, and private design studios. Majors in this program can also prepare for advanced degrees in related areas of design, such as architecture, facilities management, or environmental design.


Any course taken to satisfy the requirements of the major must be completed with a minimum grade of C–, and the grade point average of all courses taken in the major must be at least 2.000. Course prerequisites will be strictly upheld.

Students must complete the following Foundations, Intensive Writing, Foreign Language, and Breadth of Inquiry requirements:

  1. Writing, same as B.A. (Intensive Writing, English Composition).
  2. Mathematics, one course from the following: M118, M119, or equivalent. Higher level courses may be substituted.
  3. Foreign language, two years, or one year of foreign language and two culture studies courses—one course from CASE DUS and another from CASE GCC.
  4. Arts and humanities, four courses, including FINA-F 100 and FINA-F 102.
  5. Social and historical studies, four courses, including FINA-A 102.
  6. Natural and mathematical sciences, three courses.
  7. One Critical Approaches to the Arts and Sciences course.

Students must complete the following requirements for the major:

  • Interior design majors must complete a total of 42 AMID credit hours, including D168, D263, D264, D268, D271, D272, D277, D335, D336, D365, D373, D374, D469, D475, and D476.

Supervised internships are available.

Transferred Credit

All interior design courses transferred from another institution or campus must be reviewed and accepted by an appropriate faculty member in the Department of Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design before they may be applied toward a major in interior design.

For a review of transferred lecture credit, the student must provide the course title, course description, textbook title, and syllabus.

For a review of transferred studio credit, the student must provide the course title, course description, textbook title, syllabus, problem statements, and a portfolio of representative work for each course for which transfer credit is desired. The portfolio should include both preliminary and finished work and be as complete as possible. Slides or photographs of three-dimensional objects are acceptable.