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Apparel Merchandising and Interior Design

Business Minor for Apparel Merchandising Majors

Students earning a bachelor's degree with a major in apparel merchandising may obtain a Minor in Business by successfully completing the following Kelley School of Business courses:

  1. BUS- K201 or CSCI-A110
  2. BUS- A200 and M300
  3. BUS- L201 or Z302
  4. BUS- M311 and M312
  5. BUS- X420 or ASCS-Q 299

Apparel merchandising majors may exceed the normal maximum of 22 credit hours outside the College of Arts and Sciences, up to a limit of 28 credit hours, provided those credit hours are chosen from the following courses: Business A200, K201, L201, M300, M311, M312, X420, Z302, or other business courses approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.