Policies & Procedures

Degree Requirements

Course Opportunities

A student in good academic standing may choose to take a maximum of eight elective courses (two per academic year) pass/fail for the B.S. degree. Deadlines for exercising this option are published in the Enrollment and Student Academic Information Bulletin and are strictly enforced.

With O'Neill SPEA faculty approval, a student in good standing may earn a maximum of 9 credit hours through the O'Neill SPEA internship program.

O'Neill SPEA students may choose to pursue a minor from another school, department, or within O'Neill SPEA in an area other than their degree or major/concentration. Students interested in a minor should contact that department for additional information.

More information on O'Neill SPEA-IUPUI policies covering independent study, internships and minors can be found at at https://bulletins.iu.edu/iupui/2022-2023/schools/oneill-spea/overview/index.shtml.

Academic Bulletins

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