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O'Neill School Of Public and Environmental Affairs


The O'Neill School of Public and Environmental Affairs is a professional school dedicated to applied interdisciplinary learning combining the study of public affairs, public policy, management, criminal justice, public safety, emergency management, sustainability, and environmental policy. The interests of the faculty and professional staff typically fall into one or more of the following areas:

  • Criminal justice
  • Emergency management
  • Environmental policy
  • Finance and economics
  • Law
  • Nonprofit management
  • Policy and administration
  • Public safety
  • Sustainability
  • Urban affairs

O'Neill is located on the busy IUPUI campus in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. For students learning how to make a difference in business, government and nonprofit organizations, what better place to study than a major city where such organizations are headquartered? IUPUI is just a short walk or ride from bustling city, state and federal government centers as well as hundreds of corporations and nonprofit organizations. Internships, mentors and active learning opportunities are right around the corner. Well-connected to these institutions, O'Neill's faculty members are recognized for their credentials, experience, involvement and impact worldwide. With the entire Central Indiana community as their learning lab, O'Neill students have unmatched access to the people and places where change happens first.

The school's faculty, staff, and students work individually and collaboratively to solve problems that require O'Neill's unique combination of in-depth knowledge in the natural, behavioral, social, and administrative sciences.

O'Neill is a resource to many Indiana communities. Public and private organizations, as well as all levels of government, benefit from the knowledge and expertise of O'Neill faculty, staff, and students.