Policies & Procedures

Degree Requirements

Application for Graduation

All IU students must apply to graduate with their schools. IUB does not automatically award degrees once requirements are complete; students need to declare their intention by completing a graduation application.

O'Neill SPEA Bloomington students are asked to complete an online graduation application after they've registered for their final semester of coursework--final spring semester for May or July graduates, final fall semester for December graduates. May or July graduates are asked to comply with a December 1 deadline, December graduates with a May 1 deadline.  The online graduation application is available each semester for a limited time. The graduation application link is available online. For questions, please contact the O'Neill SPEA Undergraduate Programs Office at 812.855.0635.

In Indianapolis, the graduation application should be completed by September 10 for December graduation, or January 10 for May or August graduation. The O'Neill graduation application is available in the O’Neill Student Canvas site or by visiting O'Neill Student Services.

Academic Bulletins

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