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Social Science Approaches to Health & Healing Systems (SAHS)



Cross-Listed Courses

B480 Human Growth and Development (3 cr.) IUB and IUPUI
B512 Evolutionary Medicine (3 cr.)
B540 Hormones and Human Behavior (3 cr.)
B543 Reproductive Ecology (3 cr.)
B544 Women's Bodies (3 cr.)
B545 Nutritional Anthropology (3 cr.)
B548 Human Demography and Life History (3 cr.)
B570 Human Adaptation: Biological Approaches (3 cr.)
E445/645 Advanced Seminar in Medical Anthropology (3 cr.) IUB and IUPUI

Criminal Justice
P680 Law and Psychiatry (3 cr.)

E528 Economic Analysis of Health Care (3 cr.) IUPUI

B619 Law and Medicine (3 cr.) permission of instructor and minor director required
B661 Law and Biomedical Advance (3 cr.) permission of instructor and minor director required

Psychological and Brain Sciences

I545 Psychopharmacology (3 cr.) IUPUI
I555 Medical and Psychosocial Aspects of Chronic Illness (3 cr.) IUPUI
I591 Psychopathology (3 cr.) IUPUI
I614 Behavioral Medicine (3 cr.) IUPUI
I618 Interventions in Health Psychology (3 cr.) IUPUI
P530 Introduction to Clinical Science (3 cr.) permission of instructor required
P531 Intervention and Evaluation (3 cr.) permission of instructor required
P624 Principles of Psychopathology (3 cr.) permission of instructor required
P641 Psychological Assessment (3 cr.) permission of instructor required
P657 Topical Seminar (3 cr.) permission of director required for specific sections
P667 Neuropsychopharmacology (3 cr.)

Public Health, School of (IUPUI)
H501 U.S. Health Care Systems, Policies and Ethical Challenges (3 cr.) IUPUI
H514 Health Economics (3 cr.) IUPUI
H515 Seminar in Health Policy (3 cr.) IUPUI
H516 Health Services Delivery and the Law (3 cr.) IUPUI
H521 Management Science for Health Services Administration (3 cr.) IUPUI
H615 Health Care Outcomes and Decision-Making (3 cr.) IUPUI

Public Health, School of (IUB)
C501 Assessment and Planning in Public Health (3 cr.)
C505 Public Health Foundations and Leadership (3 cr.)
C510 Organization and Administration of Public Health Programs (3 cr.)
C512 Environmental Health Science (3 cr.)
C525 Health Information Systems, Technology, and Aging (3 cr.)
C529 Health and Disease Disparities in Diverse Communities (3 cr.)
C535 Contemporary Issues in Aging and Health (3 cr.)
C589 Models and Theories of Health Behavior (3 cr.)
C602 Intervention Design in Public Health (3 cr.)
C611 Epidemiology (3 cr.)
C615 Health, Longevity, and Integrative Therapies for the Later Years (3 cr.)
H500 Philosophy and Principles of Health Education (3 cr.) H517 Health Care in Minority Communities (3 cr.)
H522 Promoting Women’s Health (3 cr.)
H524 Gerontology: Multidisciplinary Perspectives (3 cr.)
H530 International Health (3 cr.)
H555 Issues in Human Sexuality and Health (3 cr.)
H594 Health Program Evaluation (3 cr.)

R515 Sociology of Health and Illness (3 cr.) IUPUI
R585 Social Aspects of Mental Health and Mental Illness (3 cr.) IUPUI
S526 The Sociology of Human Sexuality (3 cr.) IUPUI
S560 Topics in the Sociology of Health and Illness (3 cr.) IUPUI
S610 Sociology of Health and Illness Behavior (3 cr.) IUPUI
S660 Advanced Topics (3 cr.)

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