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Graduate Faculty

(An asterisk [*] denotes membership in the University Graduate School faculty with the endorsement to direct doctoral disser­tations.)


Michael S. Dodson*, Associate Professor of South Asian History, Director, Dhar India Studies Program, and Academic Director of the Indiana University Gateway in Gurgaon, India.

Professor of Practice

Rajendra Abhyankar (School of Public and Environmental Affairs)


Christopher Beckwith* (Central Eurasian Studies), Kevin D. Brown* (Maurer School of Law), Jamsheed Choksy* (Central Eurasian Studies), J. Clancy Cle­ments* (Spanish & Portuguese, Linguistics), David Fidler* (Maurer School of Law), Sumit Ganguly* (Political Science), David L. Haberman* (Religious Studies), Jayanth Krishnan* (Maurer School of Law), Terrence Mason* (School of Education), Radhika Parameswaran* (School of Journalism), Steven Raymer (School of Journalism), Samrat Upadhyay* (English), Munirpallam Venkataramanan* (Kelley School of Business), John Walbridge* (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures), Andrea Wiley* (Anthropology)

Associate Professors

Purnima Bose* (English), Judith Brown* (English), Michael S. Dodson* (History), Nandini Gupta (Kelley School of Business), R. Kevin Jaques* (Religious Studies, Islamic Studies), Sreenivas Kamma* (Kelley School of Business), Paul Losensky* (Cen­tral Eurasian Studies, Comparative Literature), Rebecca Man­ring* (India Studies, Religious Studies), Richard Nance (Religious Studies), Susan Seizer* (Com­munication and Culture), Ron Sela* (Central Eurasian Studies), Pravina Shukla* (Folklore and Eth­nomusicology), Elliot Sperling* (Central Eurasian Studies), Ranu Samantrai* (English), Arvind Verma* (Criminal Justice)

Assistant Professors

Majed Akhter* (Geography), Keera Allendorf (Sociology), Ishan Ashutosh* (Geography), Kelly Berkson* (Linguistics), Pedro Machado (History)


Kashika Singh

Director of Language Instruction

Rebecca J. Manring

Librarian for South Asian and Southeast Asian Studies

Karen S. Farrell

Academic Advising

William E. Smith, III, Sycamore Hall 123, (812) 855-2736

Academic Bulletins

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