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Human Evolutionary Studies



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B464 Human Paleontology (3 cr.)

L505 Molecular Biology of Evolution (3 cr.)
L567 Evolution (3 cr.)

  • HVST-S 510 The Archaeology of Human Evolution (3 cr.) Overview of the Paleolithic (Old Stone Age) from 2.6 million years to 10,000 years ago. Focuses on the theory and method of reconstructing hominid behavior in the Stone Age. Course will take an evolu­tionary perspective, considering both biological and technologi­cal evolution.
  • HVST-S 511 Seminar on Current Issues in Paleoanthropology (3 cr.) Provides a forum for professional-level discussion of current reports on human evolution. Will often focus on one aspect or theme in human evolutionary studies.
  • HVST-S 512 Human Evolution and the Prehistory of Intelligence (3 cr.) Explores the different avenues of inquiry pertaining to the evolution of human intelligence from an archaeological and human paleontological perspective. Topics include technology, subsistence strategies, symbolic behavior, human paleontology, and paleoneurology (especially study of endocasts and fossil skulls). 
  • HVST-S 513 Modeling Human Evolution (3 cr.) Explores the breadth of animal (mostly primate) models for human evolution. Areas for discussion include digestive physiology, bone density, language acquisition, locomotion, tool use, foraging, and social behavior. After a brief overview of theory and method in animal analogy, we will review animal models for the evolution of humans.

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