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Cultural Studies

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Ph.D. Minor in Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies is a multidisciplinary program primarily applicable to the humanities and social sciences. Drawing upon recent developments in cultural, social, and literary theory, this program emphasizes the investigation of cultural production and the social construction of values, ideas, and belief systems. Focusing on both contemporary and historical phenomena, courses in this area pay particular attention to the relationship between cultural forms and power relations in society. Issues of class, race, and gender receive prominent critical attention, as do conventional divisions between “high culture” and more “popular” forms of expression. Students in this program are encouraged to fashion a course of study that meets their particular interests and needs. Cultural Studies is especially useful for those seeking to complement studies in an area of disciplinary specialization with a more interdisciplinary minor.

Course Requirements

Four courses for a minimum of 13 hours of credit in courses approved for the Cultural Studies Program, including C601 and either C701 or C790. The remaining hours are mostly satisfied by taking classes that are cross-listed with the home department of the designated instructor. Students must officially declare the minor during the early phase of their Ph.D. studies by consulting with the director of the Cultural Studies Program.


Satisfactory performance on the qualifying examinations in the student’s major department required.

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