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Raiford Guins*

Graduate Faculty

(An asterisk [*] denotes membership in the University Graduate School faculty with the endorsement to direct doctoral dissertations.)

Distinguished Professors

Richard Bauman* (Emeritus, Folklore, Communication and Culture), Patrick Brantlinger* (Emeritus, English), David P. Thelen* (Emeritus, History), Richard Wilk* (Distinguished Emeritus, Anthropology)

Chancellor’s Professors

John Bodnar* (History), James Naremore* (Emeritus, English, Communication and Culture)

Emeritus Professors

Donna Eder* (Emeritus, Sociology), Thomas F. Gieryn* (Emeritus, Sociology), Robert Ivie* (Emeritus, English and American Studies), Barbara G. Klinger* (Emeritus, Communication and Culture), John Lucaites* (English), Richard Nash* (English), David Pace* (Emeritus, History), Michael Robinson* (Emeritus, East Asian Languages and Culture), Beverly Stoeltje* (Emeritus, Folklore, Anthropology)

Emeritus Associate Professors

Angela Pao* (Comparative Literature), Rakesh H. Solomon* (Emeritus, Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance)


Maria Bucur-Deckard* (History), Joëlle Bahloul* (Anthropology, Jewish Studies), Linda Charnes* (English), Nicholas Cullather* (History), Jonathan Elmer* (English), Jeffrey Gould* (History), Raiford Guins* (The Media School), Vivian Halloran* (American Studies, English), Scott Herring* (English), Jason Baird Jackson* (Folklore and Ethnomusicology), Daniel James* (History), Marianne Kielian-Gilbert* (Music), Radhika Parameswaran* (The Media School),William Rasch* (Germanic Studies), Michael Robinson* (East Asian Languages and Cultures), Bret Rothstein* (Art History), Darlene Sadlier* (Spanish and Portuguese), Eric Sandweiss* (History), Micol Seigel* (American Studies, History), Shane Vogel* (English), Stephen Watt* (English), Brenda Weber* (Gender Studies), Marc A. Weiner* (Germanic Studies), David R. Zaret* (Sociology)

Associate Professors

Akin Adesokan* (Comparative Literature), Paul Anderson* (American Studies), John Arthos* (English), Purnima Bose* (English), Vincent Bouchard* (French), Stephanie DeBoer (Cinema and Media Studies), Michael Dodson* (History), Patrick Dove* (Spanish and Portuguese), Phill Ford* (Music), Michael Foster* (Folklore and Ethnomusicology, East Asian Languages and Cultures), Lessie Jo Frazier* (American Studies, Gender Studies), Sara L. Friedman* (Anthropology, Gender Studies), Jennifer Goodlander* (Comparative Literature), Jane E. Goodman* (Anthropology), Margaret Gray* (French and Italian), R. Andrés Guzmán* (Spanish and Portuguese), Joan Hawkins* (Cinema and Media Studies), Karen Inouye* (American Studies), Stephanie Kane* (Criminal Justice), DeWitt D. Kilgore* (English), Rebecca Lave* (Geology), Susan Lepselter (Anthropology), David A. McDonald (Folklore and Ethnomusicology), Jason McGraw (American Studies, History), Alejandro Mejias-Lopez* (Spanish and Portuguese), Marissa Moorman* (History), Michelle Moyd* (History), Walton Muyumba* (English), Scott O’Bryan (History, East Asian Languages and Cultures), Philip Parnell* (International Studies), Benjamin Robinson* (Germanic Studies), Ranu Samantrai* (English), Steven Selka (American Studies, Religious Studies), Rebekah Sheldon* (English), Marvin Sterling* (Anthropology)

Assistant Professors

Ishan Ashutosh* (Geography), Marika Cifor* (Information and Library Sciences), Freda Fair* (Gender Studies), Faye Gleisser* (Art History), Ryan Powell* (The Media School), Olimpia Rosenthal* (Spanish and Portuguese), Freya Thimson* (English)

Academic Bulletins

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