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Ancient Studies




Associate Professor Jonathan Ready * (Classical Studies)

Graduate Faculty

(An asterisk [*] denotes membership in the University Graduate School faculty with the endorsement to direct doctoral dissertations.)


James G. Brophy* (Geological Sciences), Jamsheed Choksy* (Central Eurasian Studies), Matthew Christ* (Classical Studies), Eleanor W. Leach* (Classical Studies), Herbert marks* (Comparative Literature), Betty Rose Nagle* (Classical Studies), William Newman* (History and Philosophy of Science), K. Anne Pyburn* (Anthropology), John Walbridge* (Near Eastern Languages and Literatures)

Associate Professors

Bridget Balint (Classical Studies), Cynthia Bannon* (Classical Studies), Sarah Bassett* (History of Art) Deborah Deliyannis* (History), Jonathan Ready* (Classical Studies), Eric Robinson* (History), Laura Scheiber* (Anthropology), Stephen Vinson* (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures), Julie Van Voorhis* (History of Art)

Assistant Professors

Margaretha Kramer-Hajhos (Classical Studies), Jason Mokhtarian (Religious Studies), Eva Mroczek (Religious Studies), Shun-Chang Kevin Tsai (Comparative Literature)

Professors Emeriti

Paul Eisenberg* (Philosophy), William Hansen* (Classical Studies), Timothy Long* (Classical Studies), Michael Morgan* (Philosophy), K. D. Vitelli* (Anthropology)

Associate Research Scientist

G. William Monaghan* (Geoarchaeology)

Academic Bulletins

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