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Ancient Studies



Classical Studies

C405 Comparative Mythology (4 cr.)
C409 Roman Literature and Art (3 cr.)
C411 (Fine Arts A411) The Art and Archaeology of Anatolia (4 cr.)
C412 (Fine Arts A412) The Art and Archaeology of the Aegean (4 cr.)
C413 (Fine Arts A413) The Art and Archaeology of Greece (4 cr.)
C414 (Fine Arts A414) The Art and Archaeology of Rome (4 cr.)
C416 Ovidian Mythology and its Tradition (3 cr.)
C419 The Art and Archaeology of Pompeii (4 cr.)
C501 Introduction to Graduate Study: Literary and Cultural Theory for Classicists (3 cr.)
C503 The Ancient City (4 cr.)
C610 Seminar in the Greek and Roman Novels (4 cr.)
C623 Seminar in Classical Archaeology (4 cr.)
G510 Readings in Greek Historians (4 cr.)
G511 Readings in Greek Oratory and Rhetoric (4 cr.)
G512 Readings in Greek Philosophers (4 cr.)
G513 Readings in the Greek Novel (3 cr.)
G516 Readings in Greek Comedy (4 cr.)
G517 Readings in Greek Tragedy (4 cr.)
G518 Readings in Greek Epic (4 cr.)
G536-G537 Survey of Greek Literature I-II (4-4 cr.)
G540 Readings in Byzantine Greek (4 cr.)
G601 Seminar in Greek Poetry (4 cr.)
G603 Seminar on Greek Tragedy (4 cr.)
G610 Seminar in the Greek Novel (4 cr.)
G611 Seminar in Greek Epigraphy, Papyrology, and Paleography (4 cr.)
G620 Seminar in Historical Texts and Historiography (4 cr.)
L509 Cicero, His Life and Works (4 cr.)
L510 Readings in Latin Historians (4 cr.)
L511 Readings in Latin Oratory and Rhetoric (4 cr.)
L513 Readings in the Roman Novel (4 cr.)
L515 Readings in Latin Elegy (4 cr.)
L530 Roman Rhetoric and Oratory (4 cr.)
L536-L537 Survey of Latin Literature I-II (4-4 cr.)
L540 Medieval Latin (4 cr.)
L550 Roman Historians (4 cr.)
L600 Seminar in Latin Epic (4 cr.)
L602 Seminar in Latin Comedy (4 cr.)
L603 Seminar in Latin Tragedy (4 cr.)
L610 Seminar in the Roman Novel (4 cr.)
L620 Seminar in Latin Historical Texts and Historiography (4 cr.)

Fine Arts

A410 History and Methodology of Classical Archaeology (4 cr.)
A411 (Classics C411) The Art and Archaeology of Anatolia (4 cr.)
A412 (Classics C412) The Art and Archaeology of the Prehistoric Aegean (4 cr.)
A413 (Classics C413) The Art and Archaeology of Greece (4 cr.)
A414 (Classics C414) The Art and Archaeology of Rome (4 cr.)
A416 Greek Architecture (4 cr.)
A418 Roman Architecture (4 cr.)
A513 Greek Vase Painting (4 cr.)
A514 Greek Sculpture: Fifth Century (4 cr.)
A516 Greek Sculpture: Hellenistic (4 cr.)
A517 Early Italian and Etruscan Art (4 cr.)
A518 Roman Sculpture (4 cr.)
A519 Roman Painting (4 cr.)
A611 Problems in Prehistoric Aegean Archaeology (4 cr.)
A612 Problems in Greek Archaeology (4 cr.)
A613 Problems in Greek Architecture (4 cr.)
A614 Problems in Greek Sculpture (4 cr.)
A615 Problems in Greek Painting (4 cr.)
A616 Problems in Roman Art (4 cr.)


C386 Greek History (3 cr.)
C388 Roman History (3 cr.)
C580 History of Ancient Medicine (3 cr.)
H605 Colloquium in Ancient History (4 cr.)
H705 Seminar in Ancient History (4 cr.)

History and Philosophy of Science

X556 Philosophy of Science in Antiquity (3 cr.)
X601 Seminar in Ancient Science (3 cr.)


P511 Plato (3 cr.)
P512 Aristotle (3 cr.)
P595 Intensive Reading: Ancient Philosophy from the Greek or Latin Texts (cr. arr.)

Religious Studies

R521 Studies in Early Christianity (3 cr.)
R535 Studies in Greco-Roman Religion (3 cr.)
R610 Studies in Biblical Literature and Religion (3 cr.)
R620 Ancient and Medieval Christianity (3 cr.)
R633 Colloquium in Ancient Religions (4 cr.)
R713 Historical Studies in Western Religions (3 cr.)

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