Social Studies Education (M)

  • EDUC-M 540 Teaching Environmental Education (3 cr.)

    For elementary and secondary teachers. Basic principles of environmental/conservation education stressed in grades K-12. Methods and techniques for integrating these principles into existing curricula. Designed for the development and evaluation of new interdisciplinary teaching materials.

    Not Repeatable for Credit

  • EDUC-M 590 Independent Study in Social Studies Education (1-3 cr.)

    Individual research or study with a Social studies Education faculty member, arranged in advance of registration. A one or two page written proposal should be submitted to the instructor during the first week of the term specifying the scope of the project, project activities, meeting times, completion date, and student product(s). Ordinarily, this course should not be used for the study of material taught in a regularly scheduled course.

    Repeatable for Credit: 99 credits and 99 completions

  • EDUC-M 653 The Nature of Social Studies (3 cr.)

    Exploration of the relationships between history, the social sciences and the social studies in elementary and secondary schools.

    Not Repeatable for Credit

  • EDUC-M 680 Internship, Social Studies Education (1-6 cr.)

    Experiences designed for persons in elementary or secondary social studies to acquire skills in the areas of social studies research, teacher education, curriculum development or field studies.

    Repeatable for Credit: 99 credits and 99 completions

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