Special Admission Status


Some Education courses are available for auditing. Classes taken as audits are not counted as completed academic credit, but they will be reflected on your grade report and on your transcript as “NC” (no credit). Audit classes are excluded from consideration for official IU certification purposes.

If you are not taking any classes for credit, you can register as an audit-only student on or after the first day of classes. You will need to get a Memorandum for Course Audit signed by each course department and return it to Student Central on Union.

For an estimate of tuition expenses for audit-only enrollment, see the Office of the Bursar's Tuition Estimator. Under the Level dropdown, be sure to select "Auditing (no credit)".

Temporary Intercampus Transfer

Students admitted to a program on one campus of Indiana University may be permitted to take courses on other IU campuses through a Temporary Intercampus Transfer. To take courses on another campus for one semester or a summer session, students should contact the graduate studies/student services office for the School of Education on the campus where they have already been admitted to a graduate program. School of Education students on another campus may request temporary intercampus transfer status on Bloomington by completing the Temporary Intercampus Transfer form on the Graduate Student Portal.

Switching Campuses (Permanent Transfer)

Students admitted to a graduate degree or licensure program that is offered on more than one campus may request to permanently transfer to a different campus. Transfer requests will be treated as new applications for admission. Students wishing to switch campuses must submit a new application form. Specific admissions policies and procedures vary by campus. For details about transfer application procedures, students should contact the graduate admissions office of the School of Education on the campus they wish to transfer to.

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