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Master of Science in Education, Unified Track Elementary and Secondary with Reading and English Learners Focus

Master of Science in Education

Unified Track | Elementary Education and Secondary Education with Reading and English Learners Focus

About the Program

The Master’s Degree in Education, Unified Track, is designed for working teachers who would like to improve professional practice. This program does not offer licensure, but was built to extend professional knowledge for teachers who are already licensed. Courses are offered in the evenings and online to accommodate professional educators. The classwork allows students to draw from their daily classroom experiences, providing tools and strategies to improve classroom instruction, and to address the needs of English Learners and support improved reading and literacy practices for all students. The 30-hour program format offers best practices academies on current topics in education through face-to-face sessions on campus during the two summer semesters, and online and hybrid courses during the school year.

Program Requirements (30 cr.)

Year 1 | Summer | Best Practices Academy (6 cr.)

  • EDUC-F 500 Topical Exploration in Education
    VT: Curriculum Perspectives
  • EDUC-F 500 Topical Exploration in Education
    VT: Critical Issues in Education

Year 1 | Fall | Online (3 cr.)

Select one of the following:

  • EDUC-E 590 Independent Study or Research in Elementary Education
  • EDUC-S 590 Independent Study or Research in Secondary Education

Year 1 | Spring | Online (3 cr.)

  • EDUC-L 524 Language Issues in Multicultural Education

Year 2 | Summer | Best Practices Academy II (9 cr.)

  • EDUC-X 504 Diagnosis of Reading Difficulties in the Classroom
  • EDUC-X 530 Topical Workshop in Reading
    VT: Disciplinary Literacy
  • EDUC-L 530 Topical Workshop in Reading
    VT: Psycholinguistics of Reading

Year 2 | Fall | Online (3 cr.)

  • EDUC-Y 510 Action Research I

Year 2 | Spring | 3 cr. online, 3 cr. hybrid (6 cr.)

  • EDUC-C 511 Capstone Seminar (Online)
  • EDUC-Y 511 Action Research II: Independent Study (Hybrid)

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