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INMS Laptop Requirement

Noor IsleemPictured | Noor Isleem | Integrated New Media Studies, Design | Mishawaka, Indiana (hometown)

INMS One-to-One Laptop Requirement

Beginning in the fall semester, 2021, Integrated New Media Studies will require that all incoming new students have INMS-specified laptop computers for use in INMS classes, labs, and projects. INMS strongly suggests that ALL INMS students acquire laptops as soon as possible. Over the course of four years beginning in fall, 2021, INMS will move to a laptop-based instructional environment, phasing out primary reliance on desktop-based, on-site instructional facilities.

Required Specifications

To fulfill the needs of the INMS Curriculum 1:1 Laptop Initiative, students beginning their programs in fall 2021 or later must purchase either a Mac or PC laptop prior to the beginning of their first semester of study. The laptop needs to meet the following requirements:

PC and Mac Laptop Minimum Specifications
  • 1.4GHz quad-core or higher w/ 64bit support
  • 16GB RAM memory, more recommended
  • 1280x1080 or greater display resolution
  • 256GB onboard storage, more recommended
  • External storage of 1TB (suggested)

If you have a financial aid package, please contact your financial aid counselor to be sure it covers the purchase of the laptop. Also, when you purchase, remember to indicate you are a student to ensure that you pay the student price.

Will I need to purchase special software for my laptop?

INMS primarily uses the Adobe Creative Cloud production package for instruction and production. Indiana University makes the Adobe CC package available to faculty and registered IU students for free. Simply go to to download Creative Cloud, Office 365, Acrobat, and other IU-provided software. For assistance, contact the IU South Bend Help Desk— —(574) 520-5555.

INMS faculty strive to make use of freeware whenever appropriate. However, depending on your program of study and your personal ambitions, you may need to purchase special software.

Will I need to purchase any other equipment or materials as a student in Integrated New Media Studies?

Your equipment needs will depend on your program of study. Generally, most INMS students own DSLRs for photography and video work. It is strongly recommended that students also have an external microphone (lapel mic, shotgun, hand-held) so that professional level audio may be acquired in interview, on-set, and field productions. A tripod is also very strongly recommended.

What if I am a transfer student?

Transfer students should consult with their advisor to determine if they should purchase a laptop.

Will I have access to computers on campus?

Yes. INMS still uses EA 2016 (PC) and EA 2020 (Mac) labs for instruction in on-campus classes. These are equipped with Adobe CC and other required software. INMS students are authorized to use these labs when not in use for INMS or FINA classes. In addition, there are several student technology centers on campus. Our goal at INMS is to move to a laptop-supported teaching environment in which we can teach many classes in any appropriately equipped classroom on campus as well as online.

How can I pay for the laptop?

Some students may receive high school graduation monetary gifts which might be saved to purchase their laptops. Others may find that their financial aid packages will cover the cost. If a student is eligible for financial aid and wants information about using financial aid to purchase a laptop, please contact the IU South Bend Financial Aid office at (574) 520-4357.

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