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Religious Studies | REL

Pictured | Sheree Harris | Psychology / Minor in Religious Studies | Elkhart, Indiana (hometown)

Religious Studies | REL

P Prerequisite | C Co-requisite | R Recommended
I Fall Semester | II Spring Semester | S Summer Session/s

  • REL-R 152 Jews, Christians, Muslims (3 cr.) Patterns of religious life and thought in the West: continuities, changes, and contemporary issues.
  • REL-R 153 Religions of Asia (3 cr.) Introduction to the religious traditions of Asia as integral to culture and society. Examines sacred stories, beliefs, values, and practices from multiple Asian religions in historical and comparative perspectives. Reveals how concepts of how the world works and what it means to be human vary across time and place, influencing domains not conventionally deemed religious in the U.S.
  • REL-R 160 Introduction to Religion in America (3 cr.) Introduction to religious traditions and practices that influenced American history and culture.
  • REL-R 210 Introduction to the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible (3 cr.) Development of its beliefs, practices, and institutions from the patriarchs to the Maccabean period. Introduction to the biblical literature and other ancient Near East documents.
  • REL-R 220 Introduction to the New Testament (3 cr.) ASE A&H, CASE GCC What is the "New Testament"? This introductory course considers both literary and historical approaches to the literature of the New Testament, with particular emphasis on the Gospels and Pauline literature. Topics include the concept of "canon," the history of reception and interpretation, gender and sexuality in early Christian literatures, the Apocryphal Gospels, and relationships between early Judaism and early Christianity. Credit given for only one of A220 or R220.
  • REL-R 257 Introduction to Islam (3 cr.) Introduction to the "religious world" of Islam: the Arabian milieu before Muhammad's prophetic call, the career of the Prophet. Qur'an and hadith, ritual and the "pillars" of Muslim Praxis, legal and theological traditions; mysticism and devotional piety, reform and revivalist movements.
  • REL-R 300 Studies in Religion (3 cr.) Selected topics and movements in religion.
  • REL-R 335 Religion in the United States, 1600-1850 (3 cr.) A consideration of the nature and meaning of religion in South Asia using film as the lens to explore the South Asian continuum running from the sacred to the secular.
  • REL-R 336 Religion in the United States, 1850-Present (3 cr.) Development of religious life and thought.
  • REL-R 354 Buddhism (3 cr.) Historical survey of Buddhism from its origins in India through its diffusion throughout Asia in subsequent centuries. Emphasis on practice (ritual, meditation and ethics) and social grounding (including individual roles and institutional structures) as well as on doctrinal debates.

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