Academic Programs

Indiana University Southeast offers a wide range of bachelor’s degree programs and some associate degrees in liberal arts, preprofessional, and professional studies. Graduate programs in business and education allow professionals to earn master’s degrees. An interdisciplinary Master of Liberal Studies degree is also available. Through the General Studies Program, students may earn credit toward a bachelor of General Studies Degree for prior learning experience and passing exams it offers through the Student Development Center.  Students from the Purdue College of Technology can transfer up to 30 hours of mechanical, electrical, or other engineering credits as general electives.

IU Southeast regularly reviews the effectiveness of its academic programs to determine what changes may be needed to enhance student learning opportunities. These activities include systematic assessment of student learning in the major and in general education. Students may be asked to take part in activities such as taking standardized exams, preparing portfolios of their work, or engaging in special projects as part of this assessment effort. In addition, each academic program undergoes a review by external evaluators approximately every 7 years. Students may be asked to meet with the evaluators to discuss the quality of their academic experiences as part of these external reviews.

Academic Bulletins

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