Mission Statement

Indiana University Southeast is the regional campus of Indiana University that serves Southern Indiana and the Greater Louisville metropolitan area. As a public comprehensive university, its mission is both to provide high-quality educational programs and services that promote student learning and prepare students for productive citizenship in a diverse society and also to contribute to the intellectual, cultural, and economic development of the region. Its academic programs include a comprehensive array of baccalaureate degrees, a limited number of associate degrees, and a selected set of master’s programs. The campus is committed to offering educational programs and services which promote and support diversity in all its aspects. The faculty engage in research and creative activities which both strengthen teaching and learning through inquiry onto both the content and the pedagogy of the disciplines and create opportunities for students to engage in applied learning. Members of the campus community are committed to using their professional and personal expertise to address the intellectual, cultural, and economic development needs of the campus’s service region.

Academic Bulletins

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