Natural Sciences

Microbiology (MICR)
  • MICR-J 200 Microbiology and Immunology (3 cr.) P: ANAT-A 215 and CHEM-C 101, CHEM-C 102, or CHEM-C 105 with a C or better. C: MICR-J 201. Consideration of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites in human disease; immunology and host-defense mechanisms.
  • MICR-J 201 Microbiology Laboratory (1 cr.) C: MICR-J 200. Bacteriological techniques: microscopy, asepsis, pure culture, identification. Biology of microorganisms; action of antimicrobial agents. Representative immunological reactions. Recognition of pathogenic fungi and animal parasites.
  • MICR-M 310 Microbiology (3 cr.) P: BIOL-L 211 with grade of C or better. C: MICR-M 315. Introduction to microorganisms and viruses as model systems for comparative studies of cytology, metabolism, nutrition, genetics, and intracellular regulatory mechanisms, with emphasis on medical microbiology.
  • MICR-M 315 Microbiology: Laboratory (2 cr.) P: MICR-M 310 with grade of C or better. C: MICR-M 310. Exercises and demonstrations to yield proficiency in principles and techniques of cultivation and utilization of microorganisms under aseptic conditions.
  • MICR-M 350 Microbial Physiology and Biochemistry (3 cr.) P: BIOL-L 211 and MICR-M 315. C: MICR-M 360. Intended for biology and chemistry majors. Introduction to microbial biochemistry and physiology; nutrition, growth, and metabolism of selected bacteria.
  • MICR-M 420 Environmental Microbiology (5 cr.) P: BIOL-L 211 with grade of C or better. Role of microorganisms in various ecosystems. Detection and enumeration of microorganisms and their products from various environments.

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